MyWatch-Ariste Calame

The amazing Ariste Calame is the ultimate smartwatch for astrology lovers and for those looking for something quite unique.
Wearing the amazing Ariste Calame will keep you Informed with the signs of the zodiac. Push the button to show star constellations.
On the main screen you have the elements, start and end date for each sign, zodiac associated colour and much more.

The Ariste Calame is beautifully designed and so realistic it will confuse smartwatch admirers
im very pleased with the outcome of this face, and i will be wearing the Ariste Calame face for a while.

Im sure many updates will be added to this exciting #smartwatch face…

Ariste Calame normal mode

Star Constellation screen showing the new zodiac sign(one for each zodiac sign)

Sun/ Moon to show rise/ set and moon phase

Start/ end date and element for each zodiac sign


Rotating star chart and zodiac signs

Checkout the Ariste Calame here

Thank you all so much

Peter Antonio
and Team mywatchlondon

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