MyWatch-Rapture #smartwatch #face

This is the unique Rapture #smartwatch #face, a great mixture of classic and modern design working beautifully together. The Rapture #wearable #face has the MCF function giving the user 16000 colours to choose from.

Actual Pictures

smartwatch-face-rapture-1-3 smartwatch-face-rapture-1-4 smartwatch-face-rapture-1-1 smartwatch-face-rapture-1-2

MCF (Multi Colour Function)

#smartwatch Rapture #face

Tap the centre of the face, colour option will show, tap to create the perfect colour scheme, tap the centre once again to lock that colour…

Detailed Pictures

smartwatch-wearable-rapture-face-2-2 smartwatch-wearable-rapture-face-23 smartwatch-wearable-rapture-face-24 smartwatch-wearable-rapture-face-88

smartwatch-wearable-rapture-face-77 smartwatch-wearable-rapture-face-3

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