MyWatch-Skyhawk Aviation

The #Skyhawk aviation #smartwatch #face hits the spot in terms of style and uniqueness, the flat display panel, the round and semi round sub-dials work beautifully together housing a great selection of useful every day functions. The vibrant sky blue background and polished chrome sub-dials give this face a real quality look. Fantastic shadowing, ultra sharp graphics, makes the #Skyhawk #Aviation #wearable not only realistic but a face that will stand out amongst others.

Actual pictures

20160211_191756 20160211_191432 20160211_192308


Visual detail 

Screenshot_2016-02-10-18-10-12ss Screenshot_2016-02-10-18-10-12sss         Screenshot_2016-02-10-18-10-12ssss Screenshot_2016-02-10-18-10-12sssss



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