UPDATE…….Multi tap 16,000 colour option

As MyWatch.london is becoming more popular, I am receiving many requests from MyWatchlondon and Google+ subscribers asking for a colour option to be added to #smartwatch faces …This is easier said then done due to all MWL faces are blocked for copyright reasons…

However after some brilliant coding by #Carlos #Rodriguez #Galisteo MWL is now excited to inform all our subscribers /customers our future faces will now have a very unique colour option enabling the end user a possible 16,000 colour option…still keeping MWL copyrights secure.

Mywatch.london strives to give our customers the very best service and quality in #smartwatch #wearable #face #designs, but we can only do this if you help us by leaving feedback…You suggested an idea we listened and have come up with a compromise.


The picture above shows the 16,000 multi colour option display. . a video to follow shortly. .
Tap the center of the face to show the colour display option….tap up/down on each colour for the required shade of your choice…tap the center to remove display.

Purchase the Multi FB/ RGB face

Any suggestion let us know.

Thank you

Peter Antonio
& Team MyWatchlondon

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