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Outrageously beautiful sir. 😎
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As usual, the details of this MyWatch London creation are amazing! Just beautiful! Almost overkill for a watchface. Even on my phone screen (WatchMaker LWP), just a little bigger than a smartwatch, they’re almost wasted, but IT SURE IS COOL! 😃👌❕👍😎
Mark Marquez
Wow that is nice

Publish this to watchmaker or straight to Google play and win

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Love that it’s displayed on “my” watch… I have the Gear S3 Frontier and the face looks like it was made for it.😉
WOW! That is amazing! The parts look so real! Great Job!
Incredible watch. One more in my collection. Thank you
looks beautiful 👍 👍 👍
Awesome glad he’s doing better and welcome back…
Love that it’s displayed on “my” watch… I have the Gear S3 Frontier and the face looks like it was made for it.😉

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How do I get this when available? Samsung watchface store?

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Very cool as always
Amazing bro like always 😀. How are you?

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A beauty.

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Peter when is it gonna hit the play store

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Today watch face? Of course Tesla electric
+Peter Antonio wow & wow awesome looking watch face! Keep up the great work!! :)
Like i said the master of watchfaces. I am not saying others are bad but Peter is for me something special
that’s a must have
Antonio I just purchase this awesome watch face! And I have to tell you I’m 100% happy! you are a great artist thank you!!
So glad you are getting into Tizen faces… Most of the existing so called developers produce faces that are dull and repetitive and expect to be paid a fortune for them
Greatest no brand design, I’ve ever seen!
But hey, ‘mywatch.london’ could be a brand too ;)..
Oh my goodness..i love it…you didnt tag me, lol…im downloading during my lunch bit later…thank you.😁

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douglas delucas+1

Dam your talented.Looks amazing.

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Amazing work

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Brutal face!!!!!

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All your work looks really good on the S3

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I want to have your incredible watch faces. When you are going to make compatibles for gear S3
Great looking watch. Keep them coming!
need this on my gear s3 ;)

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Perfect as usual…..people head over to his page all of his work is flawless!
I love this one.
+Bob Rose His website is mywatch.london. Some incredible designs there. :)

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Looks amazing
Another great design mate.
Looking really good. Too bad I don’t buy payed faces, this would absolutely be on my list.

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Another one to purchase
Absolutely brilliant :)
Oh… Awesome! I want this watchface!
+Peter Antonio mywatch.london
Absolutely masterful lighting. And those hands … just wow!
Looks grand!
Love it, Peter

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Where’s the ‘chin-hitting-the-floor’ emoticon. 8O
Got my blood circulating here :-)
Nicest watchface I have ever seen, period!
Awesome job, Peter Antonio.. It says enough about your skills!!
Very nice as always.
It is so good.
Wow! Lot of time in that face! Gj! 👍
Very nice. Layout really appeals to me
Wow! Lot of time in that face! Gj! 👍

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 Absolutely fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!
Great design
 This is just jaw dropping, looks amazing on the watch and I can’t believe the attention to detail. Fantastic piece of work.

Mark “Marauder Elite” Meyers

Damn you +Peter Antonio mywatch.london​! My jaw can’t take anymore collisions with the floor. 😲😉

Felix Ng

 My Watch London from Peter Antonio. One of the top designer in Watchface making…
Found it…bought it…love it. Nice watch face.
Loved it so much that I bought it.
This face is awesome. My daily driver for a week and I have hundreds to choose from. Fab work.
As usual great.

Oooooo yea Peter you sure deliver some amazing watches. 👏👏👏👏👏👏👍keep it up Peter

Looks great – ur getting better lol
That looks great …
Great sense of depth…😉
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