The Endurance really tested my abilities as a smartwatch designer.  Many design features of the Endurance were difficult for me to produce, hence the name *Endurance*. Functionality and style were key. i love this face for many reasons, i loved the fight it gave me, and i love the end result. Creating the Endurance was another turning point for me.

The Endurance has a futuristic look with a retro feel, blended with a bit of the digital era and thats cool.

The Endurance is packed with useful information, the digital panel clearly displays the month, day and date, four sub-dials house the compass, a funky illuminous green radar appearance second hand, and as a must two battery dials that keep you constantly updated with your phone and watch battery life.

I used several texture with the Endurance chrome ,steel plastic and leather.

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Collection: Sport
Compatible: Android
Shape: round
Colour: black, multi
Functions: compass, date