MyWatch-Addiction Xes

This is the superb Addiction Xes #smartwatch face, and what a beauty this face is, named the addiction simply because you just can’t stop looking at it, it’s a classy face without doubt, and the realism and ultra sharp graphics are sublime. Tap to park clear hands at 3 o’clock whilst using the stopwatch without interference from the minute, hour or second hands, the subtle shadowing gives the Addiction the ultimate effect of depth perception. Tap at 10 o’clock to change the colour scheme from a hardcore gun metal look, to a sharp yellow standout vibrant face, it doesn’t matter either colour combination just looks beautiful, a perfect face for any #smartwatch #wearable lover.

Checkout the Addiction Xes blog

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Collection: Sport
Compatible: Android Wear/Tizen
Shape: round
Colour: black, red, tap for additional colour, yellow
Functions: 12 hour analogue time, analogue 60 minute sub-dial, analogue 60 second sub-dial, date, day, millisecond sub-dial, other, stopwatch, tap to clear/park hands, watch battery level
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