Occasionally amazing faces are created, and the Medusa #smartwatch face is one hell of an amazing face. The Medusa has pushed my standards even higher than i could  ever imagine.

Every part of the Medusa has been specifically designed taking care of every minor detail, with over 270 parts, and 50 moving parts, the Medusa is possibly the most detailed original #smartwatch #face created for wearables.

The Medusa #smartwatch face looks futuristic, modern and retro, and that in it’s self is a weird combination, ultra sharp metallic graphics look extremely realistic, the depth perception and shadowing make this face come to life, giving that all important realism and depth and it doesn’t stop there. A tap function has been added to give the user three background schemes, chrome, dark gray and turquoise.

A funky watch and phone battery dial has been elevated casting a shadow over the face, the month and day are magnified, also elevated above the face casting more realistic shadows and giving even more depth, the date rotates mechanically on a wheel. The Medusa face has taken hundreds of hours to create, and i think you’ll agree, it shows.. so if your looking for something different, and something original, you can’t go wrong purchasing the Medusa face, treat yourself and your wearable to something unique, and blow others away when they show you their face.

Checkout the Medusa Blog


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Collection: Other
Compatible: Android Wear/Tizen
Shape: round
Colour: tap for additional colour
Functions: 12 hour analogue time, analogue month sub-dial, date, day, mechanical moving parts, Mechanical Phone/ Watch battery levels, other, phone Battery Level, watch battery level