MyWatch-Skyline Horizon

The Skyline Horizon face comes in metallic blue, but mywatch.london has added the unique built in option to create over 16,000 colours. Press the centre of the face to show the colour option control display, mix green, blue and red for your perfect colour choice, black will show to indicate max colour has been achieved, press the centre of the face once again to hide the colour option control display.

The Skyline Horizon is totally unique and original, beautifully created to have that premium look, perfectly designed to be extremely user friendly with the essential everyday information you require to get you through the day. The Skyline Horizon will look absolutely stunning on any smartwatch, ultra sharp graphics that’s second to none, amazing shadowing that brings out the very best in realistic depth perception.

Checkout the Skyline Horizon blog

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Collection: Contemporary
Compatible: Android
Shape: round
Colour: 000 colours
Functions: 12 hour analogue time, 24 hour analogue time, analogue 30 second sub-dial, date, day, dim mode, mechanical moving parts, month, phone Battery Level, watch battery level