This is the jarhead #smartwatch face, and it’s cool as hell, a tap function gives seven Army colour schemes, a tap dim mode  function gives the option for either dim mode on or off. When on, the faces darken and the numbers/ markers are highlighted with a subtle illuminated glow, when dim is off, the faces fade to less brightness.

The jarhead face has ultra sharp realistic graphics that’s sure to blow your mind, subtle shadowing brings this face to life with amazing depth perception. The jarhead face has been designed to be a practical everyday face that’s simple to read, i’m sure you will not be disappoint.

Actual Pictures

Detailed Pictures


Colour Options



Detailed Dim mode

Try before you buy download a static image of the JARHEAD face to your watch.



Purchase the JARHEAD face

Purchase the JARHEAD

Thank you

Peter Antonio



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  • furilo says:

    Hola..he comprado hoy la esfera Jarhead, pero no funciona en tizen….me puedes ayudar..?

    • Peter Antonio says:

      Hello my friend, i believe i received your email and replied straight away, please read the FAQ on this site, i have also explained why you maybe having problems, however if you are still unsure, please contact me a.s.a.p and i will walk you through the process.

  • sk1unit22 says:

    I hope fastly update watchmaker ..
    Gear S3 not show month Tizen OS ㅜㅜ

    • Peter Antonio says:

      The month should be ok my friend, many people have downloaded the Jarhead with no problems, i also have a Tizen Gear 3 smartwatch and the Jarhead works correctly, what language are you on, please make sure you have correctly installed the relevant programs i.e WatchMaker premium, samsung Gear.

  • Gerald Begnaud says:

    Hi Antonio I love the Jarhead it looks and works fantastic on my S3 as do all of your watch faces I have purchased quite a few and will continue to do so. I have a question for you, will you be making more military-type watch faces like the Jarhead with maybe different type features in colors? You are a outstanding artist I sure hope you will be making more of these type of watches in the near future thank you!

    • Peter Antonio says:

      Firstly thank you for your many purchases, and thank you for your lovely compliment, Answering your question, it seems i will have to…the Jarhead face has been a popular download and i will definitely create another in that style thank you so much for your feedback.

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