Updates issued for the following…

Please login to your account and download updates, you will not be charged for any updates, Mywatch.london is dedicated to continue enhancing our library for the benefit of our users.


Many free faces have been Updated, please re-download. 

    • Classic Gold
    • Cool Run Tech
    • Gen 4
    • Gun Metal
    • JSN 2
    • Metal Cogs
    • 7,000,000
    • SD Black
    • Silver Shadow
    • Sleek
    • Sports Go
    • Sports Universal
    • Vengeance
    • Retro Moon

Please keep checking the free watch face list, i will be updating more.



JarHead date issued 14/06/2017


24 hour hand added…



Greada Range 1952 Blue, Yellow, Purple, Orange Date issued 25/04/2017

MyWatch-Greada 1952 Blue

Updated coding, switched battery/Phone metering level now correctly reading, colours.



Jarhead Date issued 10th March 2017

Day/Date correctly positioned, and  coding tweaks.





Plasma Fourth State Date issued 23rd Feb 2017

Day/ date does not show for Tizen based OS, due to font used.

MyWatch-Plasma Fourth State


Night Run-R Vision Date issued 23rd Feb 2017.

Day does not show for Tizen based OS, due to font used.

MyWatch-Night Run-R Vision


Verdict Innocent and Guilty, Date issued 7th Feb 2017 Correct movement for right dial, Phone/ Watch battery correct reading resolved.

MyWatch-Verdict Innocent

MyWatch-Verdict Guilty

Collusion, Date issued 12th Feb 2017 Sub-dials top left/ right update numbers 30/ 12 changed to 00


MyWatch-Collusion Top Secret

Ariste Calame, Date issued 17 Feb 2017 Dates, eliments, and shadowing updated.

MyWatch-Ariste Calame

Mywatch.london will be adding updates on a regular basis to improve each face.

Please keep checking the update tab.


Thank you

Peter Antonio


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